Solutions for strata owners, residents and buildings!

Perhaps you have a strata manager but need some more hands on help? Wouldn’t your Strata Committee like some of the hard work done for them?

The best buildings are always looking for ways to improve.We work with Committees to make sure that projects move ahead, owners and residents are kept informed and the lives of Committee members remain intact!

Things not going well with your strata manager? Time for a change?

It can be painless!

We will find you a manager that really fits your scheme using a fair and independent tender process

How do owners in your scheme share their ideas ?

How does your Committee know what owners want?

Need a professionally produced newsletter?

Thought about a website?

We make your AGM memorable with presentations – more owners might attend !

We run owner surveys on issues from whether to change the colour of the lobbies to finding out if owners support a special levy.

Do you have a building manager?

Whether you have a building manager or not, you know that the way your building is managed affects your levies.

Good building records are vital and you may need a building management program for this.

Talking to us will help you decide.

Drawing on our experience we recommend and implement building management programs.

We also find you the right building manager using a fair and independent tender process

Have you done all it takes to make your building a premium building?

Does it measure up to what’s now available?

Talk to us about ways to save energy, money and the planet

Will they ever go away?

Whether it’s engaging the right consultants or steering your project to completion, we are there to assist owners and the Committee with our time and experience

Did you know?

A good NABERS rating can make your building a premium building

NABERS for Apartments is now available and we are accredited NABERs assessors

Contact us to obtain a NABERS assessment on the 6 Star scale

What our clients say...


Dealing with neighbours who have conflicting viewpoints regarding building issues can be stressful and overwhelming. Strata Answers have been very helpful in explaining to me my rights as a lot owner, supporting clear factual communication with the Owners Corporation, and guiding me through the process of getting much needed maintenance work on our building underway. I doubt that we could have reached this point without the assistance of Strata Answers. I will continue to contact them as needed and highly recommend Strata Answers professional services to others


Strata Answers is an organised, proactive & diligent company who provide a variety of industry leading solutions to the Strata Industry. Strata Answers continually think outside the box to provide solutions that have not yet been seen in this complex industry. Their aim is to make everyone’s lives easier & I can confidently say they do it with ease through their fantastic organisation, systems & friendly attitude. It is with no hesitation that I recommend Strata Answers to you for your Strata Solutions.


Strata Answers provide a valuable service to our Building Management Committee and Strata Committees. Members of the SC and BMC provide directions to the Managers of our complex, however they typically lack the time to devote to the development and management of their ideas. Strata Answers provides the necessary time and expertise to assist the Strata managers and building managers to achieve the best result for our owners. Our complex is involved in major remedial renovations which require constant interaction and oversight of numerous organisations. Strata Answers provides the resources and acumen to assist with the management of all of those parties. “We couldn’t do it without them”.